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10 Reason to use Structural Steel in your Home or Business

10 Reason to use Structural Steel in your Home or Business

When you build your home or offices, several factors may affect the structural integrity of the property. Interior design aside, there are the layouts of the rooms, size, levels, etc. also to be considered. But all these are secondary concerns. The primary factor that you must consider is the framework of the property. This integral component makes your property safe and devoid of accidents, regardless of whether it is a commercial space or residential.

While woodwork does give the house or office a nice rustic look, wood cannot bear too much weight. It may crack under pressure. This is especially true in commercial properties where the framework sags ever so slightly every year till the structure becomes too weak to support the heavy load.

The Solution

After careful consideration of various risk factors, we recommend using structural steel frameworks. The rigidity of the steel is capable of bearing immense weight without sagging or breaking down. Let us elaborate on the top 10 reasons why structural steel is the best solution for your home and commercial property.

1. High-quality

Structural steel is created off-site in a controlled space where experts pay special attention to the product’s quality and strength. The outcome of the process ensures that the steel is predictable and risk-free for on-site installations.

The expert steel manufacturers also test the product for sustainability, durability, and tensile strength. Thus, it is a highly recommended material to create frames for both residential and commercial properties.

2. Improved efficiency

Structural steel usually requires reduced ground contact, which is why the site can be prepared faster without the need for extended excavation. Additionally, the structural steel framework can be easily assembled as the components are manufactured off-site with precision. Construction workers need only assemble the pieces together on-site with minimum effort or error. Thus, structural steel massively improves efficiency by reducing labor and time required for construction.

3. Cost-effective solution

Another useful by-product of creating the components off-site and assembling them on-site is the reduced cost. Since there is a lower margin for error, using structural steel is highly cost-effective.

Furthermore, the reduced time required to assemble and create the framework translates to lower costs for labor. Not only that, but as your overall project is completed faster, it provides a quicker opportunity to earn returns on your investment.

4. Supports large open spaces

The ductile nature and incredible strength of steel allow you to create more open spaces without using columns to support the excess weight. Structural steel frameworks can be created in L-shapes around the perimeter, the flooring, and the roof for support. This facilitates rigorous interior remodeling where you can choose to knock down walls to merge rooms. It is also a viable solution for open office spaces where you need storage areas, open-floor plans for cubicles, etc.

5. They can be re-used

The best thing about using structural steel is its flexibility. It allows re-using your existing steel frameworks to create more frames. If you want to remodel your house or commercial building, you need not purchase the whole framework all over again. Instead, you can just restructure the existing framework to facilitate your design plans.

6. Environment-friendly

Most structural steel frameworks are created with recycled steel. This massively reduces the carbon footprint by lowering the requirement for mining and wastage of material.

The scrap steel is pressurized in controlled conditions to create a malleable yet rigid material that can support higher amounts of load.

7. Increased resistance to fire

Manufacturers use advanced technology to test the fire resistance on structural steel. With adjustments to its components and physical design, structural steel frameworks are created with increased fire safety. This invariably increases the fire protection on your overall property.

8. Resistance to Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause severe damage to your property without any warning. Therefore, it is best to take precautionary measures to ensure that your building can endure high wind and earthquakes pressures.

Structural steel is a sustainable solution that not only supports gravitational weight, but also lateral weight. This invariably reduces the chances of a collapse during high-pressure systems.

Furthermore, structural steel, being highly malleable, stretches under pressure. Therefore, instead of cracking or collapsing, it simply flexes ever so slightly. It reduces the chances of serious life-threatening accidents during natural disasters of significant magnitude.

9. Supports multiple design trends

As we have said before, structural steel is extremely ductile and malleable. Therefore, it accommodates any form of structural design plans. You can simplify the design of your residential and commercial property with little to no effort with the help of structural steel.

10. Increased Aesthetic value

Structural steel is aesthetically desirable for all manners of construction. Therefore, architects, constructors, and interior designers have the flexibility and stability to create innate design ideas. Structural steel is an amicable solution that provides the blank canvas for them to execute their vision of higher aesthetic value while exploring different layouts, spaces, and forms.

Structural steel is the ultimate solution to creating buildings with higher durability, resistance to disasters, and immense aesthetic value. If you are building your commercial or residential property, it is highly recommended to use structural steel to ensure your building stands firm in the face of whatever may come.

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