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Azi Steel Inc. is a trusted wrought iron, steel design, and manufacture company specialized in handcrafted iron gates, doors, stairs, railings, balconies, and more. Operating since 2007, Azi Steel is a fully licensed and insured welder and fabricator.

We take pride in getting the job done right the first time around and work hard to satisfy your expectations. We are your leading company from start to finish!

We Are Expert In Wrought Iron & Structural Steel

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    We Bring Your Vision to Life

    Azi Steel has remained a trusted name in professional welding, fabrication, and installation of structural steel, seismic retrofits, and ornamental iron for over a decade. Located in Canoga Park, California, we complete all types of decorative ironwork, including iron doors, iron fences, and much more. To learn about our range of services, simply visit our commercial and residential service pages.

    Wrought Iron

    At Azi Steel, we continue to implement our traditional forging methods with contemporary techniques that deliver precision in every project. We are a dedicated team of forgers and installers of wrought iron gates, fences, balconies, and a wide range of decorative and security features.

    Along with our unmatched skill, we produce a high standard of quality across our product range to stand the test of time.

    Whether you wish to secure your business or improve your home’s appearance with the integrity and the versatility of wrought iron, simply speak to us for impeccable manufacture and outstanding beauty.

    Structural Steel

    Steel is a durable and versatile material. It is incorporated in homes, businesses, and commercial applications because of its strength and longevity. At Azi Steel, we assist with welding and structural projects to transform your vision into reality.

    At Azi Steel, we fabricate and install structural steelwork for residential and commercial purposes. If you are in Los Angeles County, we can assist with a variety of steel construction and manufacture projects that add value and aesthetic appeal.

    From large scale structural steel fabrication to full custom gates, wrought iron fences, and much more, feel free to contact us for Aluminum, Corten, Stainless Steel, and Wrought Iron services.

    Commercial Services

    Do you need a secure solution for your business that is lasting, appealing, and of the highest quality?

    Azi Steel can help you with superior security grilles, railings, iron doors, and the repair and replacement of various structural features. We provide reasonable rates and guarantee our workmanship.

    We provide a wide range of commercial services including full custom gates, wrought iron fences, steel stairs, structural steel fabrication, erection and more. We service businesses, shops, apartments, and all types of commercial properties.

    Residential Services

    Your home is your sanctuary. Let us help you secure and beautify your home with our exclusive range of steel fabrication and erection services. Our specialization includes the construction of steel stairs, gates and fences, stainless steel cable rails, and

    By using only the highest quality steel, we improve the value of your residence. Our skilled team will perform repairs and reinforcement of all types of metalworks. At Azi Steel, we believe in lasting solutions that will modernize and protect your investment.

    From handcrafted wrought iron railing to a professionally designed and constructed wrought iron fence, we are the ones to contact for durable, aesthetically pleasing, and guaranteed workmanship.

    Contact Us for Handcrafted Metalworks You Can Trust

    Whether steel or iron, we are masters of our craft. Providing impeccable services in Canoga Park, The San Fernando Valley and entire Los Angeles County for over a decade, we encourage you to contact us for professional service.

    Steel and wood construction of a commercial building, construction site

    Commercial Structural Steel

    Structural steel is an integral part of construction projects

    Learn More

    Commercial Steel Stairs

    Commercial Steel Stairs

    Choosing the Right Material for you Steel Staircase

    Learn More

    Miscellaneous Steel

    Miscellaneous Steel

    When you need a secure solution to protecting your property and your business, our miscellaneous steel range is the perfect solution

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    Seismic Retrofit on apartment building

    Seismic Retrofit

    A seismic retrofit involves improving existing structures through reinforcement and repair, to ensure that it is less susceptible to seismic activity during earthquakes.

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    Gates by Azi Steel in Canoga Park


    The installation of a gate is the most efficient way to maintain access control on your commercial property.

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    Wrought Iron Fences by Azi Steel

    Wrought Iron Fences

    One of the most popular materials we use in fabrication and erection is wrought iron.

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    Stair Drawing 2

    Detailing and Shop Drawing

    We specialize in assessing all design aspects to ensure that the correct steps are taken in project planning and management.

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    Residential Structural Steel

    Residential Structural Steel

    Structural Steel is one of the toughest materials that you will find in the construction industry.

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    Residential Steel Stairs

    Residential Steel Stairs

    Steel is a unique material when incorporated in residential interior design.

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    Iron Gates and Fences

    Iron Gates and Fences

    Did you know that wrought iron is one of the most commonly used decorative materials for gates, fences, panels, and more?

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    Stailess Steel Cable Railing

    Stainless Steel Cable Railing

    The stainless steel cable rail is one of the most popular additions for railings, decks, stairs, balconies, and balustrades.

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    Custom Railings and Handrails

    Custom Railings & Handrails

    We create various fully custom designs to modify, secure and enhance your deco stairs rails, balcony rails, staircases, and much more.

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